This bill requires candidates for President and Vice-President of 4 the United States to submit their federal income tax returns to the 5 Division of Elections in the Department of State for at least the five 6 most recent taxable years for which the candidate has filed such a 7 return with the Internal Revenue Service. Under the bill, each 8 candidate would also submit written consent to the division for the 9 public disclosure of the income tax returns. The bill requires a 10 candidate for President or Vice-President of the United States to file 11 the income tax returns and written consent for disclosure with the 12 division no later than 50 days before the general election. The 13 division would then post the income tax returns on its Internet 14 website no later than seven days after the candidate has filed the 15 income tax returns with the division. The bill requires the division, 16 in consultation with the Attorney General, to redact any information 17 contained in the income tax returns that the division deems 18 necessary before the division posts the income tax returns on its 19 website.

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